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Xiamen Panocean Maritime Services Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, special economic zone with prosperous economic and beautiful scenery. The scope of business: seafarers recruitment, training and dispatching; ship buying and selling, chartering and ship assets management; marine technical, marine service and repair; other service for maintaining the technical level and safe navigation.

PANOCEAN devotes to develop Chinese seafarer oversea dispatching by training qualified seafarers for ship owners and provide satisfied job opportunities to seafarers. Till October 2011, more than 1100 seafarers are registered in PANOCEAN and 750 among whom are serviced onboard 80 various types of vessels, and 30 vessels are full manned by PANOCEAN. In addition, PANOCEAN provides Affairs in Mainland China services to MV “Tai Hwa” (The first cross-strait passenger ship) owned by Taiwan Navigation Co., Ltd. Besides, PANOCEAN provides services of ship protection agency, ship repair, ship store supply and other extended supporting services to various ship owners both international and domestic.

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